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Soccerclips Video Network


If you own a website or blog and wish to add our high quality football (soccer) video embeds to your website then please Contact Us with a link to your website, and apply to become a Partner with the Soccerclips Video Network.


Registered Partner accounts will be given special access to view and use Soccerclips Embed codes on their website, completely free of charge. Get rid of unreliable YouTube and Dailymotion videos today!





1. Partner sites must be willing to use Soccerclips embeds on a relatively consistent basis. Sites will not be granted permission for one time or occasional use.


2. Partner sites must not contain or link to any third party website which contains pornographic content.




- Embeds will not be made available for public use at this time.

- Websites which have strong Alexa traffic ranking are given preferential consideration to become Partners. Websites with strong Google Page Rank will also be considered provided they produce a one-way link to the Soccerclips Homepage - - (Anchor text "UEFA Champions League Highlights and videos") prior to requesting Partnerships.





Link Exchanges


If you wish to link-exchange with Soccerclips then please use the Contact Us form to send us a message along with a link to your website.


1. Websites requesting link exchange with Soccerclips index page, must link to the Soccerclips "Premier League page" - - (anchor text "English Premier League Highlights") from a page with minimum PR5, prior to requesting link exchanges.


2. Websites requesting link exchanges with the Partner Page - - will be considered on a case by case basis regardless of their website Page Rank. Please Contact Us for more info!




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